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What's YOUR sign?  


It's not just a cheesy pickup line. It's how I learn what sign art I'm going to make for you. I can make signs on many different surfaces: chalkboards, natural or painted wood, old items, new items, furniture, glass, Plexiglas, interior walls, etc. Please note, in most cases you will need to supply the item that I add the wording to. You can simply ship the item to me and I'll ship it back to you when complete. Or if you are local, you can drop the item off to me in Grand Haven, MI (pick-up will be here too).  For onsight projects, I'll come to you (within 2 hours of Grand Haven). Either way, prices vary by the number of words, decor elements like flowers, colors, illustrations, medium (chalk, paint, chalk ink etc.), intricacy of the design, and the type of sign surface (rough or textured items cost more), so please tell me all about your project so I can give you a quote.

​To start the IDS commission process please fill out the form below. Once I know what you have in mind I will get in touch to clarify any details and send you a price quote. Please note, timing estimates can be made but projects are not officially scheduled until your initial payment is received.


Commission IDS Sign Art
How will you get your board(s) or item to me to work on?
What is the purpose/scope of this project?

Thanks for submitting all this info. I will get back to you soon about your project. I can't wait to create something together!

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