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This gallery has pictures of wedding and event sign projects completed at District 5 Schoolhouse in Borculo, MI, a lovely event space full of vintage chalkboards--an I DO SIGNS dream come true!  Click HERE to learn more about this event space.

[I have done onsite lettering projects in many other locations as well. You'll see images of those projects in my other galleries. ] 

welcome signs.png
food and dessert.png

Like what you see?  Let's work together. YOUR signs will be custom designed to coordinate with YOUR event details, style, and wording ideas.  I have many lettering styles to choose from for onsite projects and you will get drafts of all your chalkboards before your big day. You’ll know exactly what you are getting and have final approval of all lettering. Email HERE with questions, for more details, and/or to check if I am available for your big day.

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