The short story... 

Welcome!  I'm so glad you stopped by.  Here's my story and I'm sticking to it... I'm Amber and I put words on things.  Walls, wood, chalkboards, jewelry, glass, leather, vintage silverware--you name it--I mean that literally, YOU name it.  My favorite thing to do is put YOUR special words and phrases on the things--OR teach YOU how to. 


Once upon a time, I got degrees in fine art and education.  I have had various jobs and hobbies since then but throughout my life, in all its ups and downs, I have found inspiring words and meaningful quotes to get me through the tough times, make me laugh, and remind me to not take myself or life too seriously.  And I have forever been fascinated with fonts and lettering.  I love that I get to bring all of that together in my word art creations and share it with my sign clients, my jewelry + gift customers, and my students.

The custom-designed signs part...

As for my particular type (no pun intended ;-) of sign design, it's all about the custom art for me--or you, rather.  That's why I ask, 'What's your sign?'  Whether it be for a wedding, a business or a home, I love making something different, unique and special for each and every client.  Something you will cherish, love and respond to because you helped design it.  Custom work allows us to connect and be inventive together and then I use my trusty old graphic design and fine art skills to pull it all together. 


The type of signs part...

I can make signs on boards I provide (chalkboard, wood, paper, artboard, glass/Plexiglas, etc.), on boards or mirrors you provide or on-site (walls or glass).  As mentioned, I create everything custom and part of that process includes deciding what colors I'll use for both the surface and the lettering, what the overall style will be (fun, modern, classic, whimsical, clean, illustrated, etc.) and how the lettering will look (caps, cursive, calligraphy, block, etc.).  We will work together to decide your sign design.  And from there, I will create your hand-painted piece. 

The jewelry, gifts and teaching part...

I am an artist, a teacher and a lover of words who is enthusiastic about connecting and getting creative with others.  Be it in person or by mail, I want to know what special words resonate with you and will help you meet your goals, spark your passions, or make you laugh. I developed WORDaffect as a way to combine my passions and to help both myself and others achieve their goals. I love gathering people and teaching creative skills as well as using my skills to make meaningful art, jewelry, and gifts for you and yours. This really is a passion project for me as it hits on so many things I love.  I'll tell you all about that when we meet at your WORDsocial, but to keep it short(ish) here, click HERE to read more about what qualifies me to be your workshop leader.


And in conclusion...(finally, right? I guess you can see my passion for being wordy now)...

When I'm not doing all that, you'll find me trying to organizing my family's calendar.  (I'm pretty sure that counts as a hobby with three teenagers!)  On a date with Mr. I DO SIGNS on Friday nights, having coffee or long phone calls with my closest girlfriends/family or perusing estate sales with the scooch of me-time I have leftover, but most importantly what you should know about me is that my biggest goal is to BE PRESENT in each moment, big and small, and focus on all that I have to be grateful for.  Some days I'm better at that than others (good quotes help), but I know that it is my best recipe for JOY.  What is yours?  We can put it on a sign for you.  Custom designs are my fave!


Thanks for stopping by and drop me a line if you have questions, want to commission your piece. I am looking forward to connecting and making your sign art visions and words of inspiration come to life.


Creatively Yours,



I put YOUR special words on things

or teach YOU how to.


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