What is a WORDsocial?

A WORDsocial is the gathering where together we select your WORDaffect and create your WORDwear items.  You pick a date and time that works for you and your group.  I bring all the tools, supplies, guidance and know-how to have a meaningful event connecting with one another and creating purposeful jewelry and gift items.

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What are WORDsocial attendees saying and making?

Kelly who attended the very first WORDsocial had this to say afterward.


"I was able to CONQUER my fear (of stamping metal), EMBRACE a wonderful evening of fellowship, and plan to BE MORE present moving forward." 


See her pic of the lovely items she made and it will be clear how much impact her WORDaffects had on Kelly.

Jenn who is a Podcaster, Speaker, Author and Enneagram Coach had this to say.

"It was an awesome night! Thanks, Amber for leading us in this event!

Click on Jenn's name above to learn about her many talents and take note in her WORDwear pic of how perfect the WORDaffect "SPEAK" is for her.  She also created an adorable pendant with her Enneagram 3.  Stay tuned as she and I hope to collaborate on an Enneagram Coaching + WORDwear event soon.

Carmen, who owns Bloom + Lake Creative, made a business WORDaffect BLOOM," one for her 2020 year goals "TWENTY TWENTY," and A "STRENGHT" WORDgift for a friend.


I love her choices and can't wait to see how these words manifest in her business and life.

Melissa chose to make the one special word stamped on three different items for her three lovely daughters.  I won't share the pic or word for this one so as not to ruin the surprise, but this word has inside meaning for her family and is a lovely sentiment and blessing.  Bestowing a WORDaffect upon someone else can be so moving and powerful.  And creating a WORDgift with positive intent and your own two hands only adds to the meaning for both the gifter and giftees--in this case her blessed daughters.

I repeat, please read the HOSTnotes first! 
Just click the PDF image above to open the document. 
All hosts must read and adhere to these policies to ensure a good experience for you, me and your guests.
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purposeful gatherings to connect and create meaningful jewelry + gifts
  • Choose a date for a fun, meaningful, creative, WORDwear workshop.


  • I bring all the tools and supplies and guide you through the word/phrase selection process.


  • You'll connect with yourself and each other on a deep level as you decide what your word or phrase will be.


  • And then you'll have fun stamping your very own piece of WORDwear to keep or gift.


purposeful gatherings

to connect and create

meaningful jewelry + gifts


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