What's a WORDguide?

Not sure what words to choose? Deciding your word or phrase will be a big focus of our gathering.  At each WORDsocial we will go through the WORDguide together to help you decide what your meaningful WORDaffect will be.  There will be a series of introspective questions designed to help you connect with yourselves and each other on a deeper level.  It's my favorite part!  And if you're still stuck, don't worry, I have LOADS of ideas for you.  One way or another you will find the perfect words to manifest your very own WORDaffect.

Are you ordering WORDwear and need ideas or guidance choosing your WORDaffect?

Not sure what words to choose? Deciding your word or phrase is the fun part. You can download my WORDguide to help you HERE.  Or use my big list of IDEAwords HERE that you can have stamped on your WORDwear.  Keep in mind that some items require short words and some can fit longer words or a phrase.  Each item in my shop will have a character limit which you should consider the max amount of letters for that item.  Shorter is fine but longer won't fit.  And don't forget that spaces or punctuation count as a character.

Use this worksheet to help you decide your WORDaffect.


Still stuck?  Here is a list of words arranged three different ways.  Alphabetically, by length and by WORDaffet intention.


Now you are ready to order your WORDwear!  Head over to the WORDshop...

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