I'm Amber. An Artist, a teacher and a lover of words who is enthusiastic about connecting and getting creative with others.


I want to know what special words resonate with you?  What words will help you meet your goals, spark your passions, or make you laugh? I developed WORDaffect as a way to combine several of my passions and to help both myself and others achieve their goals. I love gathering people and teaching creative skills as well as using my skills to make meaningful sign art, jewelry, and gifts for you and yours. This really is a passion project for me as it hits on so many things I love.  I'll tell you all about that when we meet at your WORDsocial, but to keep it short here, I'll tell you what qualifies me to be your workshop leader and/or word artist.


First of all, I love words. I think they are powerful and important and used wisely can bring about real, lasting change. For the past 7 years, I have had a business writing pretty, inspiring and practical words on signs. [You can learn more about that at I Do Signs.]  Up until WORDaffect was born, my words went mostly on chalkboards, barn wood, and walls, but now I am excited to also be offering them in a wearable version: WORDwear.  I would absolutely love to make something custom for you.  Shop for meaningful jewelry and gift items here: WORDshop.


Secondly, I love to be creative.  I have a degree in Fine Art and have always loved making useful, practical and pretty things. One of the things I have been making since 2012 is hand-stamped vintage silverware. [You can pop over to TYPOGRAPHIE to see more about that.] I have been making these for 8 years now so I have a lot of experience metal stamping.  I'd love to make you something custom or teach YOU how to make them. I can't wait to share these fun pieces with you or for you to see how rewarding it is to stamp something with your own two hands. 


Lastly, I also have a degree in Education and I have been teaching fun, chalk lettering workshops since May of 2015 in the Grand Rapids, West Michigan and Lakeshore areas.  I have taught Chalk School class 95 times to date and have had over 1,200 students.  I love gathering people and getting creative and productive together.  [You can learn more about that here Chalk School.]  And now I am offering metal stamping on jewelry, gifts or vintage silverware as a workshop as well.  You can attend a Public Event or gather your friends and family to host a Private WORDsocial.

So as you can see WORDaffect really does combine my passions.  I can't wait to make you something special or teach you how to stamp your passion words. Together we can help each other manifest goals and live our best life!


I put YOUR special words on things

or teach YOU how to.


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