Hello!  I'm Amber.  

I put your special words on things or teach you how to.

Welcome to WORDaffect. This is where all my creative ventures collide.  I can put your words on metal, leather, wood, chalkboards, glass, walls, fabric, vintage silverware--you name it.  You can order custom, hand-made items with your special words and phrases OR I can teach you how to make meaningful jewelry and gifts for yourself. Learn more about me HERE or see below for my lettered creations and workshop options...


Currently, we are all experiencing the global COVID-19 pandemic. We are scared, anxious, and unsure about what will happen next. And we are at home—hopefully!  [Minus those brave, dedicated souls who are essential workers who we are eternally indebted to for their sacrifice and services.]  For the rest of us who are staying home to save lives, I present a series of pieces I am calling “SpreadLOVE.”  I am sharing these for free as a token of my gratitude to everyone who is following the guidelines to slow the spread of the Corona Virus.  Visit the SpreadLOVE tab above or click HERE to learn more and get the free downloads.


Commission words for signs + walls

I'd love to make something to...

use at your wedding or event

enhance your business + brand

compliment your home decor

gift to your family + friends

  • Do you want to bring more peace, truth, growth, love, motivation and/or well-being into your life?
  • Do you want to connect with your friends, family or co-workers on a deeper level?
  • Do you want to host a creative, fun and purposeful gathering for your people?
  • Do you want to learn how to make meaningful gifts to give to your friends and family?
  • You choose a date to host your WORDsocial gathering.

  • I bring all the tools + supplies and the WORDguide to help everyone with the word selection process.


  • Connect with yourself and each other as you decide and share your WORDaffect


  • Then you'll have fun learning how to stamp your very own pieces of WORDwear or TYPOGRAPHIE.

I put YOUR special words on things

or teach YOU how to.


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attend or host a WORDsocial 

connect + create

meaningful jewelry + gifts 



hand-painted sign art

custom-designed for your

wedding, event, biz or home


jewelry + gifts + silverware stamped w/your special words

sweet or sassy sayings


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Grand Haven, Michigan