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These items are in stock and ready to personalize with whatever sweet or sassy words you would like to have stamped on them!

Need help deciding?  Visit my GALLERY or see the Idealist HERE.


Want to order an item you don't see in the Shop?

Items I regularly have in my inventory that are ready to stamp can be found above.  The availability for all other items varies.  Drop me a line if you are looking for something that you don't see and I can let you know if I have one or do my best to acquire one for you.  


Please e-mail:

Include details on what type of pieces you are interested in and what you would like stamped on each one and I'd be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.



Please understand that your TYPOGRAPHIE item will not be perfect or in new condition. It will, however, be cute and fun and full of charm.  These pieces are made with used, vintage silverware and even when the stamps cooperate fully and line up neatly (not always but mostly), the items themselves have a lovely vintage patina (which I see as charm) with varying degrees of wear and tear. I give each piece a thorough cleaning and polishing to make them as shiny and untarnished as possible, but some issues cannot be completely buffed out, especially on the pieces that have been to lots of parties (lucky them!). Isn't it fun to appreciate each item's unique character and history? 


In general, there are no refunds on custom stamped items. Stamping mistakes occasionally happen and if it was my mistake, you will be contacted and a replacement item will be provided if at all possible. If no replacement is available and there is not enough time to acquire one, you will receive a refund or store credit towards another item.

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