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Below you will find photos of many of the popular pieces I've made over the years.  Look around and get inspired then order your own TYPOGRAPHIE piece HERE.  Or if you still need ideas for what to have stamped on them, pop over to my Idea page HERE.

My inventory of items ready to stamp varies.  You can order available items in my SHOP, but the more rare items will depend on what I have in stock.  To inquire, drop me a line at info@vintique.mePlease include the type of piece(s) and words you want to have stamped on each and I'd be happy to discuss the TYPOGRAPHIE possibilities with you.


Custom stamped silverware makes practical, sentimental or funny gifts for birthdays, holidays, weddings and 'just because.'  It's also useful and fun to have in your own home for entertaining or for simply treating yourself. If you need stamping ideas see my list of Gift Ideas.

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