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How do I care for my TYPOGRAPHIE items?

Short answer:  Use them. Often. Enjoy them. 

You only live once!


Long answer:  Frequent use prevents tarnish and adds to the patina & charm of these vintage items.  Plus, I think it's sad if they don't get used and just sit in a drawer waiting around for special occasions. Most days could benefit from a touch of special, dontcha think?  [If you want to know all my thoughts about how I feel when a piece doesn't get used, read my super long MANIFESTO HERE.]


How do I clean TYPOGRAPHIE items?

Short answer: AVOID THE DISHWASHER at all costs.  


Long answer: By the term 'dishwasher,' I do not mean your overly huggy aunt Edna who volunteers to do the dishes after the meal, I actually mean that super useful kitchen appliance you can't live without.  If you put real silver in there, they can get black marks wherever they come into contact with other metals from the extreme heat. It's some science-y chemical reaction that may also change the color of the item completely to a weird blue-ish tone. Neither of those issues is fixable. Ever. So don't do it and if you accidentally do run one through and nothing happened, do not try it again. You just got lucky. Instead, go old school and wash them by hand with hot water and regular dish soap. I do hope you don't let that dissuade you from using your pieces on the regular. I promise giving them a quick handwash it's easier than you think. You might even get used to washing things this way and wonder why you ever resisted. You may even start doing more dishes that way.  You know those giant pieces that hog up all the space in your dishwasher and force you to run extra loads?  It only takes a minute or two to wash those babies by hand and saves some energy in the process.  Hmmm, I've digressed to homemaking tips.  Sorry about that.  Back to silver info...


Will my TYPOGRAPHIE items tarnish?

Short answer: Yes. 


Long answer: These pieces have real silver plating and unfortunately that does tarnish.  It varies how fast each item will tarnish but humidity is the biggest factor. There are some things you can do to slow the process, like a good fabric-lined silver storage box, ziplock baggies and/or keeping some chalk or silicone gel packs in with the items (it helps absorb any moisture), but you can't totally prevent it.  My favorite recommendation is to use your item frequently.  I have a set of coffee spoons that live on my counter and are used all the time.  After I stir my daily coffee, I give them a quick rinse, dry them off and put them right back in their jar for next time.  If I'm feeling particularly ambitious (or have had a lot of coffee) I use a little dish soap too.  But mostly they just get rinsed, dried and put back for the next day.  And they have yet to need to be polished after years of enjoyment. Granted I like the vintage look but hopefully, you do too as that's the TYPOGRAPHIE specialty.


How do I polish TYPOGRAPHIE?

Short answer: With any silver polish you have on hand. 


Long answer: Don't worry too much about what method you use.  TYPOGRAPHIE pieces come with some wear and tear built-in and a little more won't hurt.  You can find liquid or paste silver polishes in the cleaning aisle of your grocery store.  They smell bad (like rotten eggs) but they work.  For less smell factor, you can use a very fine grade *steel wool.  Or you can enjoy the look of them as they age and show off about how they are out and about mingling with your family and guests.

* You probably don't want to use steel wool on heirloom silver that you want to keep pristine, but I use it all the time for TYPOGRAPHIE.

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