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Your PayPal transaction is complete. Thank you so much for registering for Chalk School!


A receipt for your purchase should come to you from PayPal. You may log into to view details of this transaction.  Please note that all communication about the class will be sent to you via the e-mail you supplied during the payment process with PayPal.  So if, for example, you used your hubby's PayPal account and his e-mail address is on it or a there is a business name on the account, that is the info I have you registered under.  If you are not that person or business, please let me know by clicking HERE to send me an e-mail with your correct info.  Please include the name or business name and e-mail address of the PayPal account that we need to fix.


I will e-mail a class reminder a few days before your class or before then if there are any updates. If you have any questions about the location, please contact the class venue or your private class host directly.  If you have any questions about the class itself, feel free to drop me a line HERE.  If you need to review the Chalk School Policies you have agreed to, those are below.


Thank you so much for supporting my art and my business.  I am looking forward to teaching you all my best tips and tricks soon!  


The Fine Print


Please remember you agreed to the following class policies.  Here they are again in case you need another chance to read them.  

Please click the .pdf image to open doc.


All students are required to read and agree to these Policies.

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