TYPGRAPHIE forks are a great gift. You can pair them with a lovely dessert or buy them in sets.  Each TYPOGRAPHIE item is real, vintage, silver and will have varying degrees of charm (aging/wear) and varying handle patterns. You can have one of these ideas stamped on them or come up with your own way to personalize them. 








I have dinner forks (longer tines) and dessert forks (shorter tines).  Each size fits a max of 7 letters per line.  Most forks can fit 1 line but some will fit 2.  


  • Custom Orders Policy

    All items are stamped by hand by me for you. They will not be perfect but they will have handmade charm and are made with care and intent just for you. There are no returns on custom made items. If you have any issues with your item, please contact me and every effort will be made to replace your item at a reduced cost.

  • Silverware Care Instructions

    Hand wash + dry thoroughly, but use often as further aging adds to item’s charm and frequent use prevents tarnish. NEVER put real silver-plate in the dishwasher. They can get black marks where they come into contact with other metals in the extreme heat and may even change color completely to a weird, blue-ish tone. Neither of those issues is fixable. Ever. So don't do it. If someone accidentally ran one through and nothing happened, do not try it again. You just got really lucky. Instead, go old school and wash them by hand with hot water and mild dish soap.  You can use that moment to take a moment to pause, take a breather and appreciate their old world charm.

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