Currently we are all experiencing the global COVID-19 pandemic. We are scared, anxious, and unsure about what will happen next. And we are at home—hopefully! [Minus those brave, dedicated souls who are essential workers who we are eternally indebted to for their sacrifice and services.] For the rest of us who are staying home to save lives, I present this free print from a series of pieces I am calling “SpreadLOVE.” I am sharing these for free as a token of my gratitude to everyone who is following the guidelines to slow the spread of the Corona Virus.   


Please feel free to forward, e-mail, or digitally share this print with your friends and family.  Let’s SpreadLOVE with these words that could literally save lives right now.  Wishing you all the very best in this difficult and unprecedented time. 


Much Love,


Let's Stay Home - Square Graphic

  • Downloadable Graphic

    This image can be used as your Facebook profile photo, in an Instagram square or anywhere really. Let’s spread these words that could literally save lives right now.