• Leather Keychain Charm

    Genuine leather keychain charms are a great way to keep WORDaffect handy.  Each one is hand stamped with your words or phrase. You can fit up to about 8 characters with the smaller letters (3mm) or 4 characters with the larger letters.  (The appropriate size letters will be chosen based on what fits best.)  You can choose a silver or gold colored rivot + keyring.  


    WORDaffect - The result of using a word or phrase to bring about an intentional feeling, shift or change.


    WORDwear - An item with a special word or phrase worn as a daily reminder to manifest a WORDaffect.

    • All items are stamped by hand by me for you. They will not be perfect but they will have handmade charm and are made with care in intent. There are no returns on custom made items. If you have any issues with your item, please contact me and every effort will be made to replace your item at a reduced cost.

    Keyring Color
    Rivot Color

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