Hand stamped pendants are a lovely way to wear your WORDaffect.  This dainty brass bar can hold one name or short word on each of the 4 sides (5 letters max for the 2 sides w/o the hole and 4 letters max for the 2 sides w/hole).  You can do all 4 sides but keep in mind that one side will not show when you are wearng the pendant, however, you could alternate wearing that side out.  So if for example you have a name on each of the 4 sides, you could trade off having that name towards the back (side w/o a hole) or the front the next time.  The names on the two sides with the hole will always show.   


*Necklaces and/or chains are not included, but each pendant will have a jump ring.


WORDaffect - The result of using a word or phrase to bring about an intentional feeling, shift or change.


WORDwear - An item with a special word or phrase worn as a daily reminder to manifest a WORDaffect.

Brass Bar Pendant