Specializing in hand-painted, custom sign art for:

weddings, event, businesses, home decor + gifts;

& public or private Chalk School classes for you DIYers.

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I have always loved quotes and their power to help me in all of life’s ups and downs. Quotes have made me laugh during times of sorrow; reminded me to never take myself or life too seriously; helped me cherish the moments of joy; and appreciate the richness of life not only despite the ups and downs but because of them.



  • All of these IDS Compassion Prints are FREE to download with the intention to share them with anyone coping with any sort of trauma now or in the past. Each print is dedicated to an individual who wants to share their story and alleviate suffering in any tiny (or huge) way possible. Read their story, download their print, post it where you or the world will see it and/or gift it to anyone in need of some compassion in life.


    Printing instructions are included on the first page.


    For FREE Download use coupon code: COMPASSIONPRINTS