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Public Chalk School Class ANNOUNCEMENT


As all good things must come to an end, Chalk School has reached that point.  Mostly due to a supply issue with the chalkboards I used for each class, but also because these things do have a lifespan.  But it has been a lovely ride.  I have enjoyed every single time I was privileged to teach Chalk School--all 95 times!  And I wish all 1,180 Chalk School grads love and luck in all their creative endeavors.

Farewell my friends and I would love if you follow along on my next creative venture...

Creatively Yours,


P.S.  I'm now teaching a whole new way to add words to things--metal stamping.  Learn more HERE.


Chalk School at YOUR Venue!

If you have a business or classroom space that would be great to host an open to the public* class, let's team up and do Chalk School together. I will not only supply ALL the materials and collect the fees, but I will also help promote the class and your business too! All you need to do is have a spot for everyone to sit at a table. It is that easy. Oh, and we need to choose a date. Fill out the form below or e-mail today!   


* If you have a public venue but want to book a private party for your friends, employees, clients, etc., click here.

Minimum: 6-20*

Locations within 30 mins of Grand Haven - 5 

Locations 35-55 mins from Grand Haven - 10 

Locations 60-75 mins from Grand Haven - 20


*Minimums must be booked by three (3) days before the class to prevent rescheduling or cancellation. Each guest will be required to agree to Class Policies.


Maximum: 25

My max is 25 so I can give enough individual attention to each student.  Your max is how many can sit comfortably at a table in your space and see me at the front--provided it meets the minimum size for my travel distance.


Class Times

Evenings are typically scheduled form 6-8pm (no Friday evenings). Weekends and daytimes are flexible.

Timing: plan on 3 hours total

2 - 2.5 hours for the class + 15 mins for me to set-up my supplies and then 15 mins after to pack up my supplies. Some groups work slower than others so plan on 30 mins after the end time for the class for me to wrap up and pack up my things.  There will be some chalk dust to clean up, but it's not too bad and at least it's white dirt!



Public or Semi-Private Class?

Public classes start at $43 for one person. (If they bring a friend they save.) For Public Classes, I promote the date and advertise to fill the class up and get exposure for your business.  OR you can set it up as a Semi-Private Class where everyone pays $36 BUT you do all the promotions to fill the class.  I will list it and promote but don't pay for advertising as I would with a Public Class.

Supplies: none for the class

I bring everything! I do appreciate tables + chairs being ready to go when I get there to set up (about 15-20 mins before the class starts). And I encourage venue hosts to provide snacks and/or beverages for our guests. It's always a nice touch and makes a great impression for your business.


Venue Benefits

Not only is Chalk School a fun and creative thing to offer your current fans, but your business will also get exposure and social media notice while I promote the class which will bring in new clients, customers and fans. I also will encourage students to patronize your venue the day of the class.  If you'd like to share a coupon with them, let me know and I will promote that as well.


Venue Application for Public Classes

Once your info is submitted on this Venue App we will pick a date that works for both of us via e-mail.  Then a registration link will be set up for your class on my website.  Once you approve the content on the web page, we both share the link with our followers and they register and pay for the class on my website (via PayPal).  I will keep you posted on registration numbers as we go.

Public Class Policies

All attendees at your class will be asked to read and agree to the IDS Class Policies.  Please take a moment to read these as well. Click HERE.

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