What is a WORDsocial?

A WORDsocial is the gathering where I help you decide your special WORDaffect and together we stamp your jewelry + gift items. 


What is a WORDaffect?

A WORDaffect is the result of using a special word or phrase to bring about intentional change in life.

What WORDwear will you make? 

At each WORDsocial we will spend some time deciding what your words will be, learning about stamping, selecting what piece you will stamp on and then stamping it.  I have lots of different types of jewelry and gifts you can make.  Sometimes you choose a piece to fit your word or phrase and sometimes you choose the words to stamp by what will fit on your desired item.  Basically, not all words will fit on all pieces.  For example, the WORDaffect "I AM ENOUGH" is lovely and powerful but too many letters for a necklace pendant.  It would fit great on a bracelet cuff though. And conversely, if you really want to stamp geographical coordinates of a special event, you would have to pick an item big enough to hold them.  Makes sense, right?  Don't worry though.  We'll go over all of this at your WORDsocial and I will have loads of short or long word ideas and various options to put them both on.

Want to Book a Private WORDsocial?

You pick a date and time that works for you and your group.  I bring all the tools, supplies, guidance and know-how to have a meaningful gathering connecting with one another and creating purposeful WORDwear jewelry and gift items or stamped vintage silverware.

Want to learn more about Amber, your workshop leader?  Click HERE.

Ready to pick a date to host your gathering?  Fill out the form HERE.

Want to make TYPOGRAPHIE (stamped silverware)

Groups can choose to stamp vintage silverware [TYPOGRAPHE] instead of jewelry if I have silverware in stock or you are welcome to bring your own silver plate items to stamp.  Click HERE to book or drop me a line HERE first to see if I have silverware in stock.

Want to bring a Public WORDsocial to your event space?

Drop me a line HERE and I'd be happy to discuss.

I put YOUR special words on things

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