Welcome to our circa 1885 home,  Tessa.  I say "circa" because no one really knows how old our house is but during our 18-month reno we did find a newspaper in the wall with that date so we have to guess it is at least that old. And I named her Tessa because when you spend a year and a half recessitating something from near death, you have to love her for her sake and your own.


Tour might be a bit ambitious.  How about a random collection of photos grouped by category instead?



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The reality...these pics were taken right after our landscaping was done and I was super ambitions when I bought and planted my flowers this year.  It never has and probably never will look quite this fresh and festive.  Good thing I took these pics while it did that one month!









If you have any questions or want to know my source for things, I'm always happy to share, just click the photo of me or drop me a line.


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