What is Chalk School?

Are you a crafty DIYer? Do you love all the chalkboards you see around but can't figure out how to make yours look right? Have an upcoming event or wedding that you want to make signs for? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Chalk School is for you! Amber Van Houwelingen,  the sign and chalk artist behind I DO SIGNS, will teach you tips and techniques to make neat, professional chalkboards of any size. You will leave this fun, informative class with skills, materials, knowledge and a completed chalkboard, chalk and chalk ink marker to keep, plus access to a support network to continue creatively chalking and sign making.  

Hello soon to be Chalk School Graduate,


At Chalk School you'll learn all my best tricks and techniques for making great looking chalkboards and sign art for events, weddings, home decor, gifts and more.  Here is what you will get in the class ...

  • Loads of how to and tips on chalk, DIY chalkboards and sign art products.

  • Mistake prevention tips. (I have already made them all so I'll teach you what NOT to do).

  • We will practice several lettering and chalk techniques together on your 8x10" chalkboard to keep.

  • A piece of the "good" chalk. (My favorite kind and you'll learn exactly why.)

  • A chalk ink marker and tips on how to use and care for it, plus we will use it on your final project.

  • Instruction on how to apply your skilz to sign art of all types and colors, not just chalk.

  • Tips on how to care for your chalkboards.

  • And all grads (I promise you'll graduate) get access to my Alumni Webpage & Alumni Facebook group so you can continue creating, learning, growing and sharing your chalk art.

All materials will be provided. Your final project will be completed in class and it will be a keeper. Really. [See pics of all the other past students and their amazing sign art here.] 

I'm looking forward to meeting and teaching you soon. If you have any questions about the class or I DO SIGNS, do not hesitate to ask. Just drop me a line:  amber@i-do-signs.com . If you have questions about the location, please contact the venue directly.



Reinspired Treasures


2417 Eastern Ave. SE

Grand Rapids

(616) 915-2299



April 27th



Or bring friends and SAVE

$38 each for 2

$36 each for 3+



Check out what Chalk School Students are saying about the class HERE and see all the awesome sign art they made HERE.

This registration page is for the 4/27/17 class at Reinspired Treasures, Grand Rapids. Click these links to learn about other Public Classes or plan your own Private Class or Home Party and choose your own date.


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